Compass Portfolio Management AG
Riedstrasse 11, CH-6330 Cham
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Compass Portfolio Management AG was founded in 2009 and focuses on asset management for institutional and private investors.

Compass Portfolio Management AG conducts its transactions with the utmost professional competence and diligence and is therefore in a position to react to changing financial markets for the benefit of its clients.


Compass Portfolio Management AG works as an independent asset management company, free from conflicts of interests, without any external influences or obligations to banks or third parties.

Compass Portfolio Management AG possesses all of the requirements and means to guarantee this independence in the interests of clients in the long term.


Compass Portfolio Management AG uses the latest information technology and has access to up-to-date information on investments and stock exchanges. We have online access to assets deposited on behalf of our customers at the corresponding custodian banks.

This top-class infrastructure ensures the optimal capacity for the company to act and allows Compass Portfolio Management AG to quickly and efficiently monitor and implement investment strategies. In addition, it allows Compass Portfolio Management AG to provide personal and needs-based customer care in an efficient manner.


By limiting ourselves to around 40 clients per asset manager, the asset manager can intensively consider the personal needs, risk appetite and risk capacity of each client. The continuity in terms of staff ensures long-term collaboration and partnership. Each client has one asset manager, who provides comprehensive client care.

The research done by us and our external analysts is complemented and enhanced by personal on-site company visits.

Comprehensive financial advice

Asset management includes associated services, including managing our clients’ everyday financial matters. In all additional aspects, Compass Portfolio Management AG works closely with associate specialists in Switzerland and other countries. Compass Portfolio Management AG is able to quickly offer efficient solutions in all asset-related matters. This includes financing, pension planning issues, matrimonial law and the law of succession, as well as insurance, company law and tax law.