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Management approach

Customer care in partnership

Compass Portfolio Management AG primarily serves institutional investors, who require personal and needs-based asset management and are looking for a long-term partnership.

Thanks to the quality-oriented, long-term ambitions of Compass Portfolio Management AG, the focus is always on the client. Serious asset management is not all about maximising profits. Security through professional management and care is crucial.

The primary objective is a client relationship based on partnership, trust, security and reliability. We are aware that such a partnership of mutual trust and understanding is not forged automatically – it is developed and permanently demonstrated.

Partnership and transparency

The success of investments is largely dependent on precise information about personal investment objectives, as well as the environment and personal needs of the client. Our clients have high expectations not only in terms of performance, but also in terms of transparency and diligence.

We understand transparency as the ability to both inform clients about the status of their investments and to disclose the reasons behind each transaction.

With this information, the client is then able to understand, track and assess the investments and their performance.

Independent advice and security

Compass Portfolio Management AG considers the security of the interests of our clients as fundamental to the partnership. Transactions are processed by the client’s bank as part of a clearly described asset management power of attorney, in which all purchase and sale orders can be executed directly on the account of the client. This means that the client is regularly informed of each transaction – either by the bank or by Compass Portfolio Management AG. The securities remain with the bank – Compass Portfolio Management AG cannot remove or borrow against them without the consent of the client. The performance of each custody account is calculated by the bank.


The different backgrounds and mentalities of clients is reflected in the specific investment objectives of the corresponding portfolios.

  • Conservative investors can only withdraw their assets over medium-term to long-term periods, often as a replacement for their pension, and look for optimal security with the highest return on capital.
  • Balanced investors look for capital gains alongside returns, taking into account reasonable fluctuations in value.
  • Dynamic investors look to maximise their profits, taking into account strong fluctuations, and finance their custody accounts in part or in full through Lombard loans.

In determining the needs of each client, Compass Portfolio Management AG considers the possible desire to manage all investments in separate portfolios in order to benefit from a combination of all of the previously mentioned strategies.